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Welcome to Heaven & Earth Healing

 Hello there! My name is Jennifer Dean, LPN. I'd like to start by sharing a little bit about myself with you all so you can get a feel of who I am and how I can help you. I am a former Pathology Assistant, Reiki Master-Teacher, Nurse, Initiated Rose Priestess and Published Author. I am also a childhood Near Death Experiencer and Pediatric Cancer Survivor but most of all I am a proud mommy to my son Declan.

 I had my Near Death Experience at 14 years old due to a severe adverse effect of a chemotherapy being used to treat my cancer. I slipped into a vegetative state and the prognosis was very grim. During the time when I was unconscious, I was in a peaceful blanket of darkness that is referred to as the "void." When I woke up from my journey to the darkness, I knew I would be ok and I was. I stunned doctors and made a full recovery. Doctors said it was a miracle and ever since that experience, I process the world around me in a different way. I share my full near death experience in the book that I co-authored called "Death: A Compilation of Transformative Near Death Experiences." My intuitive abilities blossomed like a beautiful flower after my NDE. My journey to fully integrating my experience has be over 20 years in the making. When I was guided to Reiki, I was recovering from the second of two major surgeries in one year to correct issues that my cancer treatments caused 20 years prior. On top of that, I had Postpartum Depression and was just desperately searching for myself. Reiki was exactly what I needed.

 Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality that taps into universal life force energy to promote relaxation and healing. This healing is facilitated by balancing the energetic system through opening and aligning chakras with Reiki energy. Balancing the energetic system can in turn help to balance the mind, body and spirit. Reiki is great to clear out any stagnant heavy energies that may be clogging up your energetic system which can throw chakras of balance. When we have blocks in our chakra system it can cause spiritual, emotional and even physical issues. When your energetic system is running at full speed you can feel more in tune with your intuition which can help you to create harmony and balance in your life. Reiki can help to center your energy and bring you closer to your intuition. 

After I found Reiki, my whole life changed for the better. My mind calmed, my chronic pain decreased and my immune system strengthened. This shift made me realize that I needed to teach others how Reiki can help them as well. I am here ready to serve the spiritual needs of others and help guide people back to their inner healing light. My intention is to help guide individuals back to a healing state of being through Reiki. Reiki can help to unlock the body's natural healing abilities. We are all very capable of healing ourselves, it's just about knowing how to do so... It's time to heal at a soul level and come back to yourself.💫💗🌟


***To Schedule a Healing Session with me please call/text (848)234-4662 or email me at

"Death: A Compilation of Transformative Near Death Experiences" available on Amazon!



💖Sending Love & Blessings to You ALL! 💖



 Reiki can be very helpful for anybody with chronic health issues. Dealing with any health issues day in and day out can really weigh on a person and they can feel that weight in every part of their being. I am a 25 year Pediatric Cancer Survivor and I have lived in Chronic Pain for most of that 25 years. I have never felt better after adding Reiki to my tool box a few years ago. Reiki helps me to know how to help myself when my pain is at it's worst. As a Reiki Nurse, I can say that Reiki has helped so many of my patients. Reiki has truly helped me and my patients so much. It truly amazes me every time. Reiki sessions can be done either in person or via video chat or over the phone. Energy will always flow where it is directed to go. Space and time do not matter. Reiki is the perfect healing modality for these difficult times.


     Reiki with an Energy Reading and Intuitive Guidance

 In this particular type of Reiki session, I deeply tune into the energy of each chakra as I balance them with healing energy. I write down any messages that intuitively come through so that my client can work to help keep their chakras open and functioning at full speed. When we are done, I write up a full report and either e-mail or mail it to you so we have it to refer back to. Sometimes we just need a little guidance to remain aligned. This type of session is my favorite because it truly helps my client to be very proactive in their healing journey. I just LOVE working hand and hand with my clients to heal themselves.  


In-Home Reiki- $125

In-Home Reiki with Intuitive Guidance-$175

Distance Reiki- $85

Distance Reiki with Intuitive Guidance- $125

Nature Reiki- $12

Nature Reiki with Intuitive Guidance-$175

(weather permitting for Nature Reiki)


Sometimes stagnant energy can hang around an item or space. This residual energy can cause the energy in a space to not flow as smoothly as it should be. I am now offering energetic cleansing to not only spaces and items but people too. Not only will your space or item be energetically cleansed, it will also be blessed and protected. There's nothing better than feeling the beautiful divine energy flowing freely through your sacred space. After everything is cleansed and blessed, I energetically protect the item or space just to seal in all of the divine energy. 


Energy Cleanse & Blessing- 

$50 (per item)

$100 (entire home inside and out)

Womb Healing

Our Womb/Sacral Chakra is a very sacred space. It not only creates life but it connects us with the cosmic womb of the universe. The Sacral Chakra or Womb Chakra is the chakra of creativity, sexuality and passion. No matter if one has a physical womb or not, we ALL have a cosmic and women. If there are blockages in this specific chakra, it can stifle creative and sexual energy. Sexual energy is very powerful and helpful in manifesting your desires in life. Womb healings are centered around reconnecting the Heart and Womb Chakras. When we reconnect with these charkas we help to facilitate deep generational soul healing and we can reclaim lost energies. The reclaiming of these lost energies can bring you back to a more centered version of yourself so you can find true purpose and peace in your life. Womb healings can open your heart connecting you to the heavens and they also open your cosmic womb connecting you with the cosmos as well as Mother Nature. Now is the time to heal the past and step into your bright beautiful future where anything is possible.

**This Womb Healing Sessions consist of (virtual) Womb & Heart focused Reiki Sessions as well as intuitive guidance on what you can do to energetically release and reclaim energies through the power of the Womb and Yoni(for women). We will work together to bring you to a state of peace and balance. True healing occurs once you reconnect with lost parts of yourself. I am here to guide you on your healing journey to wholeness.

***Womb Healings are perfect for anyone trying to conceive or during pregnancy and even during the postpartum . Absolute PERFECT time to connect with your womb, find yourself and heal.💗


$150 per Womb Healing Session which comes with Intuitive Guidance  


$333 per Deep Womb Healing Package includes 3 Womb & Heart centered Reiki sessions as well as Intuitive guidance

**additional womb healing sessions can be purchased upon request

Reiki Certifications/Attunements

The reason I decided to start teaching Reiki to people is because Reiki has saved me more times then I can count with helping me to stay centered through the storms of life. I have also witnessed Reiki help so many of my patients as well. As a Nurse and Energy Medicine Specialist, I believe that everybody should know how to tap into their own energy so that they can help themselves more efficiently. Reiki can absolutely be done by anyone. You just have to take the certification courses and be attuned with the reiki energy. Stepping down the Reiki path was one of the best decisions of my life, I feel absolutely honored to be able to attune and teach others how to work with Reiki energy for healing purposes. 


1st Degree Usui White Light Reiki Certification/Attunement

 This attunement is a basic course and includes one energy activation. This attunement is all about learning the fundamentals of Usui White Light Reiki plus you will learn about the chakra system and how to do Reiki on yourself, plants and animals. Animals just LOVE Reiki! This class is all about self healing with Reiki. 

PRICE: $175



In this class, each participant will go through all of the steps of Reiki 1st Degree attunement listed above, as well as learn how to use the Reiki White Light energy on themselves for pain management purposes. This course comes with one energy activation and a certificate for 1st Degree Reiki.

PRICE: $225


2nd Degree Usui White Light​ Reiki Certification/Attunement

Note: 1st Degree Reiki Attunement is a pre-requisite to this class.

This course includes another energy activation. Class participants will learn three Reiki symbols which are used to magnify and focus Reiki healing. Additional techniques and applications of Reiki will also be taught, including absentee/distance healing. This attunement will build upon the first degree attunement, further opening the practitioner to the Reiki energy and intensifying the resulting healing effect. 

PRICE: $250

🌟Upon completion of each class a certificate will be given.🌟



Medicine drum grounding ceremonies are a wonderful way to connect with our roots and Mother Earth. We need her and she needs us. What better way to connect with your roots and ground this incredible energy than by being bathed in the sound of Mother Earth's heartbeat. The more grounded we are the more present we can be to see the beauty that life has to offer. These ceremonies can be done either in person or virtually and run for approximately one hour. 

PRICE: $33 per person

*group rate grounding ceremonies available

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